Tiger Woods Masters Tournament Anniversary

This is the 15-year anniversary of Tiger Woods winning the 1997 Masters Tournament, his first major championship, by 12 shots over the rest of the field.  Over those 15 years, Woods is a combined 95 under par at the Masters, 32 shots better than his nearest competitor, Phil Mickelson (-63).  Tiger has made 269 par-breakers (birdies and eagles) at the Masters since 1997 while playing a total of 1080 holes.  That is a par-breaker percentage of 25%, the highest percentage for any player with more than 10 rounds played since 1997.

Woods won the PGA Tour Player of the Year honor for the first time in 1997. Where have we come since then?  In 1997, Ken Griffey Jr. and Larry Walker won MVPs in MLB, Karl Malone won the MVP in 1996-97 in the NBA, Mario Lemieux won the Hart Memorial Trophy in 1996-97 in the NHL, and Brett Favre and Barry Sanders shared the MVP in the NFL.