U.S. natives struggling to score in NHL this season

Only two of the current top 50 point-scorers in the NHL this season were born in the United States: Patrick Kane (7th, 27 pts.) and Max Pacioretty (29th, 20 pts.)  Among players ranked 50th or higher (including ties), more were born in Canada, Sweden, and the former Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union than were born in the USA.

Zach Parise scored the 200th goal of his career

Zach Parise scored the 200th goal of his NHL career on Monday. Zach’s dad, J.P., scored 238 goals in his 14-season NHL career. The Parises are the second father and son to score at least 200 goals each in the NHL. Bobby and Brett Hull both scored more than 600 goals (610 and 741, respectively).