Falcons will host 49ers in NFC Championship Game

When the Falcons (#1 seed) host the 49ers (#2 seed) on Sunday it will be the 23rd time that the top two seeds in a conference meet in a Conference Championship Game since the NFL expanded to a 12-team playoff format in 1990, but it will be only the fourth such meeting in the last eight seasons (Bears vs. Saints in 2006, Saints vs. Vikings in 2009, Patriots vs. Ravens in 2011).  The top seed is 14-8 vs. the #2 seed in Conference Championship Games over that span.

52 Seasons Without a League Title

The Vikings are in their 52nd season; they entered the NFL in 1961 and they’ve never won a league title.  The Vikings and baseball’s Texas Rangers are tied for the most seasons played by any franchise — in the NFL, NBA, NHL or Major League Baseball — that has never won a championship (a Super Bowl, pre-Super Bowl AFL or NFL title, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup or World Series).

The five franchises — across those sports leagues — with the most such seasons:

52 Minnesota Vikings NFL 1961-2012 Lost in Super Bowl 4 times
52 Texas Rangers MLB 1961-2012 Lost in World Series twice
51 Houston Astros MLB 1962-2012 Lost in World Series once
47 Atlanta Falcons NFL 1966-2012 Lost in Super Bowl once
45 Cincinnati Bengals NFL 1968-2012 Lost in Super Bowl twice